Retribution Paintball Field — Bountiful, Utah

The Retribution Paintball Field is owned by Jayson Orvis, the previous owner of Special Ops Paintball. The field was built in 1996 with a layout that catered to the SPPL (Scenario Paintball Players League) format.

Since it's creation the field has been a Utah favorite for experienced paintball teams as well as new players.

In June of 2007 the Retribution Paintball Field hosted the famous Special Ops Paintball Elite Weekend. Over 200 players attended the event. The event included player position training clinics, a modified SPPL format big game, an obstacle course, a pistol course, night vision clinic, zip line target shoot, a helicopter, the Razorback tank, and more.


Field Details

The Upper Field

The upper field is a three flag station field with multiple bunkers and sniper towers. This field has very thick vegetation unlike the lower field.

The Lower Field

The lower field is a four flag station field with multiple bunkers and sniper towers. This field does not have as thick vegetation and is geared towards faster play. The lower field also has a flag base up on the hillside that is separated by a ravine.

The Extended Field

The extended field contains a flag base that is located over the ridge on the south east section of the field. This portion of the field is usually only opened to larger scenario events.

The Retribution Paintball Field is a PRIVATELY owned field. Games/events are NOT held every Saturday. Please make sure you check the schedule for dates the field will be open.

Retribution Paintball Field